Cryptorex – What it is, and more

So, I’ve been working on an cryptography application called „Cryptorex“ (originally named „RCrypt“, but this is now an codename for this). With it you can encrypt your files, and more, using common encryption algorithms (I will get into that later). It’s currently working very well, but of course with bugs. I plan it to release this month (but in an well-tested beta phase).

You can encrypt (and of course decrypt) your files using:

  • AES
  • RC2
  • DES
  • TripleDES
  • Rijndael
  • RSA

There will be also neat features like an folder where everything will be automatically encrypted, and decrypted when you need to use them (of course when you are authenticated with Cryptorex), etc.

I may switch to BouncyCastle soonle, but I’m currently satisfied with the  .NET cryptography implementation.


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