DataCrypt released

DataCrypt has been released! Currently beta but everything works. You can download it here: An small note: I do not recommend entering very sensitive data (no, it does not collect any data nor inputs), because you can never be 100% sure that the encryption and encryption software is 100% secure. I am not responsible for any data damage, data theft, and so on. DataCrypt released weiterlesen

Cryptorex – What it is, and more

So, I’ve been working on an cryptography application called „Cryptorex“ (originally named „RCrypt“, but this is now an codename for this). With it you can encrypt your files, and more, using common encryption algorithms (I will get into that later). It’s currently working very well, but of course with bugs. I plan it to release this month (but in an well-tested beta phase). You can encrypt (and of course decrypt) your files using: AES RC2 DES TripleDES Rijndael RSA There will be also neat features like an folder where everything will be automatically encrypted, and decrypted when you need to … Cryptorex – What it is, and more weiterlesen


So, I am currently working on a new software called ‚RCrypt‘. It’s an data encryption software, mainly an free alternative to AxCrypt. It’s currently very unfinished and I plan to release the beta version in the mid of this month. RCrypt will use AES mainly for encryption, but you will be able to choose between AES, RSA and Rjindael. RCrypt weiterlesen